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Our Political Campaigns Team

Mo Elleithee
David Kieve
Jessie Bradley

Grassroots and Field Organizing

Planning and executing an innovative field program is key to communicating a campaign’s message. Members of the Hilltop team have created winning field plans for a variety of political and advocacy campaigns, and help our clients reach and activate their grassroots. Hilltop will work with your campaign to create a comprehensive plan to target, persuade, and turn out your voters.

As Election Day draws near, one thing matters above all else: getting your voters to the polls. The Hilltop team has unparalleled experience running Get-Out-The-Vote programs for campaigns on all levels, in every region of the country. Throughout the campaign, we will build a customized program that is designed to ensure the voters your campaign has worked so hard to communicate with make it out to cast their ballot in your favor. Utilizing the latest technology and methods, we will work to synchronize your crucial Get-Out-The-Vote efforts with paid and earned media, ensuring voters receive timely, effective communication right up to when they cast their ballot on Election Day.

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2008 Missouri Attorney General Race


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