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Grasstops Campaigns


Our Grasstops Team

Nicholas R. Baldick
David Kieve
Jessie Bradley
Jeremy Van Ess
Sharon I. White PŠez
Dana Ju
Barrett Kaiser
Molly Bell

Hilltopís grasstops practice generates high-level, local support for public policy positions. When we engage in grasstops campaigns, we help ensure your allies take part in their democracy and make their voices heard.

Our grasstops campaigns apply quality pressure where it matters. When we engage in grasstops, we organize influential voices who have a stake in your debate and encourage them to speak directly to lawmakers about the issues. Grasstops are voices that matter to leaders in Washington, in City Hall or in your State Capitol.

Our winning grasstops approach is based in part on an unparalleled national network of political operatives whom we rely on to recruit and organize grasstops support. Our network includes former chiefs of staff from state and federal governments, state Democratic and Republican Party leaders and seasoned state public affairs strategists. These state operatives know the issues and the people that matter most in their states, and they use this knowledge to find your allies and to urge them to speak out.

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    Mobilizing Allies For Safe and Innovative Medicine
Building Support for a High-Stakes Merger


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