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Grassroots Campaigns


Our Grassroots Team

Nicholas R. Baldick
David Kieve
Jessie Bradley
Molly Bell



If community and business leaders are your grasstops allies, then your individual members, customers or employees are the grassroots. By themselves, their voices may get lost in government. However, when organized to speak out together, they can turn heads.

Rather than offering the same cookie-cutter, astroturf tactics that have proven less effective over time, Hilltop’s grassroots team sits down with our clients and develops personalized strategies to garner attention. Our campaigns leverage the unique message of our clients’ campaigns and the latest technology to get noticed in state capitols and Washington, DC.

Hilltop offers our clients a variety of strategies to organize grassroots campaigns at the local, state and national level, and we help you choose the right tools to connect your grassroots contacts with their government – be it the Internet, phones or mail. Whether you need to proactively organize your organization’s members for future action or get a community of stakeholders to speak out today, Hilltop offers solutions to meet your needs.









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