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Nicholas R. Baldick
Managing Partner and Founder

Nicholas R. Baldick is the Managing Partner and Founder of Hilltop Public Solutions, a Washington, DC-based public affairs and political consulting firm. Nick is a nationally recognized campaign strategist, having been involved in every Democratic presidential campaign since 1992.

At Hilltop, Nick oversees the firm’s corporate clients, providing strategic advice to senior executives from the nation’s leading corporations in the health care, financial services and airline industries among others.

In 2003, Nick served as the national campaign manager for Senator John Edwards’ 2004 presidential campaign. In his role as campaign manager, Nick developed, refined and oversaw the execution of the campaign’s strategic plan and day-to-day operations, while managing the campaign’s 150 employees and roughly $33 million in expenditures.

Nick held a leading role in Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. As the New Hampshire primary state director he was responsible for creating and implementing a campaign plan that brought the candidate back from a 15-point deficit to a four-point victory, despite being outspent by $1.5 million. This follows previous work with Vice President Gore, where he directed and managed the Vice President’s political action committee, Leadership ’98.

In 1997 Nick served as the eastern political director within the White House Office of Political Affairs. In 1996, Nick directed Florida’s Democratic coordinated campaign, winning the state for a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in 20 years.

In addition to working with Hilltop’s corporate clients, Nick continues to be active in politics directing projects with the Democratic Attorneys General Association and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.


Political Experience:

  • Political Clients: Democratic Attorneys General Association; National Education Association; Service Employees International Union and Koster for Attorney General 2008, Missouri
  • National Campaign Manager for U.S. Senator John Edwards 2004 presidential primary campaign, overseeing the execution of the campaign's strategic plan and day-to-day operations
  • Held leading roles as New Hampshire state primary director in Vice President Gore's 2000 presidential campaign and as Senior Advisor during the Florida Recount
  • Directed and managed Vice President Gore’s political action committee, Leadership 98
  • Served as the eastern political director within the White House Office of Political Affairs, 1996
  • Directed multiple state campaigns on behalf of President Clinton, including 1996's Florida victory, the first by a Democrat in 20 years

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the New York University School of Law. Nick is an avid and dedicated Hoya basketball fan and currently resides in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife Liz and their children, Serena and Aidan.



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