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  Case Studies: Hilltop In Action



Winning Message Battle with New Media

The Challenge:
One the nation’s leading healthcare providers was in a dire position: they had become both a national lightning rod for partisan attacks and the target of a highly coordinated and well-financed effort to eliminate their federal funding entirely. Facing a potential crisis that would’ve jeopardized the health care of millions of Americans, they called on Hilltop.

The Hilltop Solution:
Hilltop designed a comprehensive strategy to help push back on the attacks. From pitching stories to securing interviews, Hilltop got involved in every level of planning and strategizing in the organization’s communications battle.

That strategy included drafting talking points, conducting research, and coordinating radio, TV and print efforts to ensure the best coverage at the national and local levels.

It also meant harnessing the power of new media to propel the right stories to the heart of the news cycle: when a prominent partisan official made false claims regarding our client’s operations, then promptly made a baffling retraction, Hilltop sought to relentlessly and aggressively drive the story online, helping it go viral and expanding its coverage across the country in the crucial days before a vote in Congress.

With Hilltop’s help, our client reclaimed the narrative, got their validators consistently quoted in top-tier national press and successfully countered the opposition’s misleading claims.

The Result:
The White House and Congress reached a deal that kept our client’s federal funding largely intact. The deal was hailed as a major victory for our client.



New Media Strategy for Leading Healthcare Provider Designed to Win Communications Battle


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